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This is a painting workshop to help stretch and grow each person as an artist – even those who don’t think they are one!

This acrylic painting class is meant for anyone who’s never picked up a paintbrush before to seasoned artists who want to learn new skills, a new style, and a new FUN painting!

My hope is that everyone will feel the love I have for art and the joy it can bring others! Let’s spread some love and happiness in this world!

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… It’s about a whole lot more than just painting! It’s about letting loose, having fun, trusting God, and building amazing connections!

Learn to paint these 4 beautiful flowers with me and all of my Tribe Painting Sistas and Mistas.

I will go live in our Private Facebook Group from January 27-31. Each day we will paint a different flower together and on the last day we will have a fun Zoom party and celebrate our accomplishments together with lots of fun and prizes.

  • Live Paintings every day in our Private Facebook Group
  • Downloadable templates for each painting are provided
  • A downloadable supply list with colors and supplies is provided
  • Lifetime access to all videos and all information
  • No need to be present for the lives. Replays are available for lifetime.
  • Only $10
  • Early Bird Bonus. Join before January 20 and Get Access to my Acrylic 101 Course for FREE. (10 Modules for the beginner to learn everything you need to learn to get started in your acrylic painting journey)

What’s Included

Supply and paint color list to grab everything you need before we get started
Ginger breaks down the painting into step by step instructions for anyone to follow along to be able to feel confident in their paintings
If you can’t make it to the live broadcasts, it’s okay. You have lifetime access to watch and rewatch the video tutorials 24/7
At the end of each video, my husband, Michael, will lead us in prayer
Rights to sell your artwork that you create and use the designs to host your own IN PERSON paint parties in your community. No teaching online or virtual kits allowed



Module 1: All About Supplies

  • You will learn all about different types of painting surfaces
  • You will learn all about the different types of tools that are needed to begin painting with acrylics

Module 2: All About Paint brushes

  • You will learn all about the different types of paint brushes and the strokes you can make with each type

Module 3: The Palette Knife

  • You will learn how to use a palette knife and different types of palette knives

Module 4: Paints and Mediums

  • You will learn about all of the different types and levels of acrylic paints, from craft paints to professional level paints and difference in each type
  • You will learn all about different mediums and what they can do to help make your painting experience more enjoyable

Module 5: The Color Wheel

  • You will learn how to use a color wheel and make a color wheel

Module 6: Painting a Night Sky

  • We will paint a night sky together as a practice painting to help you implement all of the skills that you’ve learned

Module 7: Painting a Coffee Cup

  • We will paint a coffee cup together and discuss lights and darks and color theory

Module 8: How to Begin the Process of Creating a Painting

  • You will learn how to find your own style and find your own types of inspiration to begin the process of creating your own artwork from scratch

Module 9: Painting the Church

  • You will learn how to create a design using, resize your design to your desired size for you painting, and how to transfer your design to your canvas
  • You will also learn how to paint a beautiful white chapel from start to finish, including how to seal and finalize your painting

Module 10: Framing

  • You will learn how to make your own DIY frames for your paintings to become wall worthy


“I absolutely love the way you teach.”

Cindy Franklin, Tribe Sista

“The best painting instructor out there.”

Kay Tomlinson, Tribe Sista

“I just love the fellowship, prayers, and support that we get.”

Sandra Leanne Fisher Wright, Tribe Sista

My passion is teaching and my purpose is to inspire. I’ve got over 30 years of professional teaching experience. I’m a retired high school teacher now entrepreneur with over 7 years of acrylic painting experience

Gin LaCour

Ginger LaCour, Artist and Teacher


  1. Charlotte says:

    I’m a member of the tribe. How do I get the class?

    1. Ginger LaCour says:

      Hi Charlotte,
      Just go to our Private Facebook Group and you will find the link to join the Flower Power Pop Up Paint Party Group. I’ve also sent it in an email.

  2. Paula Wills says:

    I am a member of the tribe and want to paint flowers too! I need help finding your printable and private Facebook page. Thank you!

    1. Ginger LaCour says:

      Hi Paula, just join the Facebook Group

  3. Kristy Humphrey says:

    Hi Cindy, I am a member of The tribe so I won’t be needing the flower tutorials. They are in the library for the tribe aren’t they?

    1. Ginger LaCour says:

      Hi Kristy,
      Yes, they will be added to the Online Classroom soon. ~Gin

  4. Kristy Humphrey says:

    Hi again. I’m having trouble signing into my account. The site takes me to the sit3 where I pay. I’m already a member. Please help me figure ou5 the direct way to get to the library of tutorials. Thank you so much. Kristy Humphrey.

    1. Ginger LaCour says:

      Hi Kristy, Your access to the online classroom has been created. You should be able to login now. Look for the email from us in your inbox. Welcome! ~ Gin

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