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“OMG, I had so much fun painting with Gin. This is my first time I've ever painted and I felt so accomplished. It was an amazing experience. I can't wait to show my co-workers! I'm going to hang it in my office!”

— Joell Faulk, Gin's Den Art Tribe Member

     The Gin’s Den Art Tribe came into my life in perfect timing. Art and fellowship with you and Michael has given my life a different meaning at a time when I really needed it, not always able to paint live with y’all but really enjoy watching. Painting with you Gin inspires me to improve my skills and gave me motivation to continue painting, I have painted my whole life but had stopped for a long time using my gift that I was given until I happen upon Gin’s Art Tribe, the first pop-up party is all it took for me to know that this sista tribe was going to motivate me to do my best. So glad to be painting in your tribe, helps relieve a lot of anxiety I have and relieves my stress. Thanks for all the Love and Prayers you and Michael give to us. Enjoy his input. Thanks for being so inspiring. Wonderful work.   Linda Terry Hebert 01/15/2021EmojiEmojiEmoji