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I’ve always loved teaching and helping people develop a new skill. Ever since I was 5 years old, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. My dolls were my first students, and after 23 years of teaching high school math in the Louisiana public school system, life continued to unfold.  A divorce happened and an early retirement followed by a second marriage and a move across the state.  This is when I started Gin’s Den.  After spending years suffering with anxiety and depression, it led me to make some changes in my life.  That’s when I took up painting and discovered an amazing therapeutic approach to help me and to help others. I am a self-taught artist with over 9 years of experience in painting and over 30 years of professional teaching experience, master’s in educational technology, and a love for everything.

Painting is very relaxing and fulfilling to me, and creating a special unique piece became a passion of mine. That’s when I knew I had to share this skill and teach others how to make painting a part of their life.

My name is Ginger and that’s my husband, Michael.  I’d like to tell you a little about myself and how I ended up here.  I was born and raised in the bayous of Louisiana hunting and fishing and loving everything that had to do with nature and the outdoors.

Ginger Benoit LaCour

My passion is and always has been to help people.  I find joy and feel my heart smile when I am teaching and seeing how people react to learning and finding confidence in something that they have learned and they can accomplish on their own.

In 2019, Michael and I went through a very difficult time becoming caregivers to our parents and loosing all of them within 18 months of one another. So, after our parents all passed, we felt the need to have a grand adventure. We took a 3 year adventure to Montana and experienced mountain living at its best. We lived on the top of a mountain with views of The Great Divide and watched deer and elk from our cabin windows. We believe in living the dream and taking advantage of every opportunity that God gives us.

We are now currently back in Louisiana. We are now both 53 years old.  I am a mother of 2 sons, ages 26 and 28, a step-son, age 25 and I just gained a new daughter-in-law!   I am also a wife to my best friend, Michael.  Michael is a 22 year combat veteran who recently retired from the Army and now works the Veterans Crisis Hotline. He is a Licensed Certified Mental Health Counselor who counsels veterans like himself.

Seth, my son, and Kelsey, my daughter-in-law.

I have always been connected to self help and striving to become a better person spiritually, mentally, and physically.  I have a strong passion for keeping God as my forefront in guiding me through life. 

L to R, My 2 sons, Cole and Seth, DIL Kelsey, and me and Michael

When I’m not working on Gin’s Den Art, my husband and I love to worship God and we love the outdoors…traveling, skiing, mountains, hiking, nature, yoga, barbecuing, and camping.

10% of all profits are donated to Suicide Prevention Charities.

  • Secondary Mathematics Education Degree from LSU (Louisiana State University), 1993
  • Kinesiology Degree from LSU, 1993
  • Master’s of Educational Technology Leadership from SLU (Southeastern Louisiana University), 2011
  • National Board Certified Teacher, 2006-retirement
  • Instructional Coach, 2006-2008
  • Teacher Leaders of America Award, 2015
  • Teacher of the Year Award, 2006, St. Amant High School

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  1. Pam monnig says:

    You are both a joy!! I love
    Painting and your art but I really
    Love the time with you both.

    1. Ginger LaCour says:

      Thank you, Pam. We are so glad that you are here. ~Gin and Michael

  2. Carmel says:

    It’s sooo wonderful to be apart of your painting club, I believe God brought me to you guys for a reason and I’m so happy I joined!
    Carmel McRury

    1. Ginger LaCour says:

      Oh Carmel, We are so glad that you found us. Yes, God has a way and things happen for a reason. ~Gin

  3. Deanna Rosetta says:

    I’m so excited to be here!I have watched y’all for over a year and already love you both! I was in another group and God begin to show me that’s not where I should be and y’all kept popping up! I did this last popup and that was it! I love your story. I love that you love our God. I love that y’all live in Louisiana, I am in Texas 30 minutes from the Louisiana / Texas State line! I love to paint and I know that God brought me
    to have this great experience with y’all!!! ♥️♥️ Deanna

  4. Peggy Miller says:

    I, too, believe God led me to you. I, too, am in another group that I did enjoy for a time, but the last months I have participated ver little. I kept seeing you pop up and considered it at a point but financially decided not to join. At this point in my journey there was no question and I eagerly joined. When my dr releases me to paint the first thing I will fo is gesso four canvases and start in.

  5. Elly Allen says:

    After being a go go person all my life I ended up physically compromised at 74,I needed a hobby. Being bored out of my mind is not good for my health. I found a small rock and thought maybe I can paint that, I always sucked at art, but had seen painted rocks before. Well that started my painting interest. Then you Gin popped up on my FB page. I believe it was God. You gave a tutorial about a tree with love birds and I tried it on paper. It came out great. Then I signed up for the 3 day pop and roost barn and that went well. I surprised myself in my ability to paint. So here I am now a member of gin’s den wanting to learn more. So far I am loving my new adventure.

  6. Rene Jones says:

    Gin I didn’t see where you were charging me my 29 payment. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose my membership. I would like to talk to someone a out my bill. My husband died in April. I had to get a charge card in my name. I thought I gave you that new card info. I just need to know what info you have on file about me. Thank you.

    1. Ginger LaCour says:

      Hi Rene,
      Cindy will reach out to you and get this straightened out.
      Sending love,

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